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Repair Service and Technical Support


ZTP deals with technical assistance related to equipment designed and manufactured by ZAPI. The service is carried out in Italy and abroad. The electronic controls that require revision are examined, repaired, and updated within our laboratories by trained personnel, using original hardware and software. ZTP, being part of the group ZAPI, does this activity exclusively.


For a more rapid and effective identification of the fault, write on the "Fault Reporting Form" the defect and your requests relating to the controller. If You need a repair estimate before to proceed, indicate the demand for technical-economic assessment on the transport document.


The telephone technical assistance, is made daily by skilled technicians, providing the customer with all the informations useful for a rapid identifications of the causes of malfunction. To speed up the procedures for transferring the call, You can communicate to the operator the type of equipment for which is requested the assistance. If it is possible, You can also use the communication by e-mail, sending your technical requirements to the general address The message will be transferred to the technician and You will receive a reply as soon as possible.

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